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This article seems to be from Denmark … help anyone? I seem to be quoted more than once and it links to my blog. I don’t know.

This in from The King’s Speach; “… Last year’s Best Director has taken a stand in this year’s Oscar race – and Kathryn Bigelow, the first woman ever to win that award, announced at two private screenings at the Soho House that she is a fan of Debra Granik’s “Winter’s Bone,” the evocative and chilling indie drama currently fighting for a slot in the Best Picture race…”

Richard Michael stepped into Winter’s Bone and talks about it here in The Envelope, the awards insider, Los Angeles Times, “… I wince at the squirrel-skinning scene,” he says, referring to a sequence in which Ree teaches her little brother and sister how to prepare the meat. According to Michael, the belly cut was too small, the entrails weren’t scooped properly and the skin wasn’t removed in its entirety. “Other than that, it’s great.”

And this poster on Winter’s Bone Facebook page.

Winter’s Bone, quietly screaming Oscar!

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3 Responses to Interviews and such

  1. Ole Eskedal says:

    The article is from a danish daily newspaper. The article made me decide to go and watch the movie.
    Also I want to look further into your music and your book
    Ole Eskedal
    Copenhagen, Demmark

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Thank you Ole. No one here knows Danish so we haven’t read the article. You can order the book on the Etsy store… see the link on the right sidebar and you can order a signed copy of the CD from me.

  2. Erik Bennett says:

    Marideth, I ran the Danish site through a translator, it’s not perfect but it makes the article readable, here is the URL to do that.

    google translated danish article

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