Here Comes the Sun

Holy Romeo! I’m a week away from flying to Italy, and… well, I guess everything’s pretty much on schedule except some last minute business like recording my little radio show and counting my pills. Huh?

It’s moments like these that remind me I have a noticeably irregular life. Most folks are packing wash-and-wears from Land’s End and buying passport wallets. I’m good with that.

But once those things are done I have to remember to do my show, and remember that, movie status notwithstanding, I have a borderline-elderly, ill-treated body that needs its several meds to make sure it gets back in one piece, still breathing and able to put captions on all those photos I’ll be sending you.

Oh, and there’s the CD party tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong. It’s all been fun and continues to be so. But this morning, it’s a little overwhelming, too.

Think I’ll make a cup of coffee and go sing a couple choruses of “Here Comes the Sun.” Care to join me?.


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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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2 Responses to Here Comes the Sun

  1. Sarah Birch Land says:

    Sounds like you might be due for a little R&R from the glitter and glamour and the Hard Work of show business. Take care of yourself and happy travels.

  2. Margaret Underwood says:

    I take so many pills, Marideth, that is a wonder I can eat anything. I really like Italian food such as pasta e fagioli, eggplant parmigiana and Tiramisu. Also there is something that is called Zuppa Inglese which is not English and is not a soup, but a lovely dessert with lady fingers or sponge cake soaked in Alkermes (whatever that is) liquor with layers of chocolate and egg custard…woohoooooooooo!! Are you sure I can’t go with you?

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