“City Kicks”

Tedi May, Billy Ward, Dennis Crider, Van Colbert

Van Colbert

It was a good night at the Sun Valley Cinema, Mtn. Home, Arkansas for those attending the opening of Winter’s Bone. The Friday night crowd was sparse, with the movie competing for audience with the last home football game of the season. But what they lacked in numbers they made up with enthusiasm, one person declaring, during the Q&A, “Most of the time I get up and leave before the movie’s over. This one I’d sit through more than once.” Another viewer said “It might be a low-budget film, but this one’s right up there with the best.” When someone asked if I’d sing one of the songs from the movie, I said I’d do them one better. “Come out to the lobby with me.”

Billy Ward, Tedi May, Marideth Sisco, DEnnis Crider. Linda Stoffel, Van Colbert

When they got there, to their surprise, the band was tuned up and ready to go.

Billy Ward and Tedi May

We did “Lover’s Return,” “Storms are on the Ocean,” “Over the Mountain,” and “Broken Glass,” giving all the singers a chance to sing lead. We finished with “City Kicks,” they bought some CDs, chatted with the musicians and went on their way.

We’re gonna do it again tomorrow night, so come on by. The football game’s over and it’s Saturday night. Wanna watch a great movie featuring a pretty good band and then meet the band? Here’s your chance.

Linda Stoffel and Tedi May



Me and Sarah Denton


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