Dawg Days

Well, now, here’s how strange this week has been. On Monday, I had one dog (Zoni, my 17-year-old Cairn terrier. She’s a little doddery, but she still makes me laugh at least once a day).

On Tuesday, I had a dog, but there was another dog hanging around out in the driveway, but afraid to come up to the house. It was no purebred, but looked to be about half fox terrier and half King Charles spaniel. I tossed him a doggie treat and he woofed at me.

On Wednesday morning, I discovered he had spent the night in the front seat of my car. I let him out and he woofed some more, but lounged on the picnic table until I brought him some food. By nightfall, he had ensconced himself in the house, had proved to be quite polite to both me and Zoni, and so charmed us that we let him sleep on the couch.

On Thursday, I put him out and told him to stay, and drove to town on an errand. When I came back, he was sitting right where I left him. Well, ok, then, I guess it’s time to buy some regular dog food (Zoni gets a special ‘old dog’ kibble). Later I went in to town, got the dog food along with some other groceries, and came home. This time he was nowhere to be seen.

On Friday, I had one dog.


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