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As always, thanks for the photos Sarah.

Well, apart from the armadillo who’s been uprooting onions and doing a kind of bizarre Okra-tipping, and the blister beetles who would like to eat everything but are being discouraged by Safer’s Soap and loud radio music, it’s been a wonderful July in the garden. The cushaws are suffering being reined in, for they would have taken the front yard, the porch and the entire garden by now otherwise, and the winter squash out on the west end are beginning to pop tiny butternuts and buttercups. Next will be the black futsus, that sort of resemble a cross between buttercup and acorn in both color and habit. They’re mostly ignoring the circular trellis I put up for them to climb on and are snaking out in every direction. I’d worry about them getting out into the mower’s way. But it’s a drought, and there’s nothing much to mow except where I’ve forgotten to shut off the hose and inadvertently watered a bit of the yard. The fall beans are in and up, armored in anti-armadillo chicken wire. Also newly in are some scraggly fall potatoes that may or may not make. I’m still searching for a place to sow a fall crop of beets for canning, and making feeble attempts at a fence. A supply of posts is arriving soon from Calico, and that should make the job possible, if not easier.

It’s all one step at a time, and with delays, small budgets and problem solving, it’s more like three steps forward, two and a half back. But always forward. Makes me think of this ridiculous election race, with all the name calling and the flat-out lies and the vast energy and money thrown into the effort to demonize this President without saying he mustn’t succeed because he’s black, and everybody knows a black man can’t be president. Without proselytizing, can I just say that given what he started with and how huge the effort has been to make sure he doesn’t succeed, he’s done amazingly well. Certainly he’s not perfect, but he’s trying hard to get the country back on its feet, and I confess I find what’s being offered as the alternative frankly horrifying. That’s all I’m saying.

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8 Responses to Misc. Thoughts

  1. Phyllis Chrisman says:

    Thank God and Marideth, a voice of reason from the Mid-west.

  2. Jan Wells says:

    I so agree with your voice of reason….so there’s at least 2 of us. I’m trying your soap because I’ve had a terrible battle with those bugs (I’m assuming I can find it online).

  3. Frank M. says:

    Does loud music really help ward off bugs in the garden? Squash bugs are attacking the zucchini and some bug that is a similar color but more beetle like has decimated the eggplant and chard. I sprayed them with safer soap last night, but I don’t know if that will stop them.

  4. Marcy Weinbeck says:

    That’s about all that needs sayin’, Marideth … I believe Pres Obama to be the best man to sit in that office in quite some time, and he’s working so hard, for so little recognition — not to mention that as hopes go, he’s the best (only) shot we’ve got. “Frankly horrifying” is true, when speaking about the ‘other side’ …. forty years or so ago, we talked about “the better of two evils” …. little did we know! — Good luck with the garden, and keep those squash under control please … I do not want to see a picture of you being entwined by them! 🙂

  5. Helen Shore says:

    So good to hear a reasonable and thoughtful comment about the president. Right on.

  6. judy says:

    how do I get to find out what is in the Windy Hill collection I poked–tapped—“moused” it several times. Nothing. not a peep or a glance either way. frustrated friend. Ah, a store front dummy!!!

  7. judy says:

    I figured it out—it is what I already have. More?????

  8. kathy says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your gardening blog & have used it for inspiration. I like your music and have downloaded several songs. After reading this post I’m offended that the political race card has been played. If I don’t vote for President Obama it’s because of his policies and performance not the color of his skin. There’s plenty of people black, white, & purple who won’t be voting for him this time and can focus on the true issues this country faces rather than follow media hype.

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