Working on a New Soundtrack

There I am reflected in David Wilson's guitar.

There I am reflected in David Wilson’s guitar.

Just back from Springfield, where I spent a couple days working on music for a soundtrack to a newly completed documentary film by Debra Granik. No details until it’s released, but having a great time doing music to order for this stunningly creative director and her team. I have the best job in the world.

It’s also a tremendous relief from spending all my time tending to myself and thinking about nothing but cancer and cancer treatment and cancer drugs and stage of recovery and, well, you can imagine. I haven’t been that self-involved since I was a 20-something and still knew everything. Short version: Ick.
Anyway, I’m officially back to the fun stuff, even tho I’m not quite yet up to speed. And so, so grateful for the folks who helped me get here. I owe them so very big.
More to report soon.
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1 Response to Working on a New Soundtrack

  1. hosier1 says:

    So very happy that you are home and cozied in, Marideth.

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