Hot New Album by Linda Stoffel

TOOT-TEE-DOO!! If I had a bugle I’d blow it to announce Juneapple’s brand new offering, set for release Nov. 1. It’s a sparkling and very hot new CD from Linda Stoffel of Blackberry Winter Band in her solo debut, appropriately titled “Songbird.” Talk about ear candy. Stoffel’s sweet soprano is at its best in this moving collection that ranges from torch to tasteful twang, and features some absolutely incendiary instrumentals by band mates Van Colbert, Dennis Crider, Tedi May and Bo Brown, along with splendid sweetening throughout by fiddle-mandolin-cello-bassist Dave Wilson and an inspired performance on a Janis Ian dark horse beauty by pianist Patty Goss. Truly a work of Americana art that should be in every roots fan’s library.


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