We’re Back In The Studio

GLORIOSKY!! THE BAND is in the studio again, this time for a brand new album that includes six – count-em –  six new tunes by the songwriting team of Marideth Sisco and Robin Frederick. They’re the duo that brought you “These Ozarks Hills,” “Use it Up,”  “June Carter” and “City Kicks” featured on Blackberry Winter Band’s debut album. These new gems will be complemented by old ballads and story songs from yesteryear and some band favorites by other talented composers such as Robin Holcomb, LisaBeth Weber, Donna Henschell and Teresa Trull, all delivered in the band’s own inimitable style. Stay tuned. This one’s gonna knock your socks off.


Linda Stoffel, Van Colbert, Marideth Sisco


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6 Responses to We’re Back In The Studio

  1. Betty Craker Henderson says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. Carol Taylor says:

    Way cool…can’t wait to hear it!

  3. I listen to “In These Ozark Hills” at least once a week, and it always just lifts me up. Hearing the tidbits from “Still Standing” makes me excited for a whole new experience….but until I get to hear the whole thing, it’s the cover that I love…Marideth, did you take the photo? It’s a winner!

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Ha! Judith, I only wish I had taken that photo. It’s by Dennis Crider, who plays guitar in the band. I worked alongside Dennis at the West Plains Daily Quill, where he was sports editor, and when he retired, he began a business selling his nature photos. He does splendid work, and when I described the building I wanted, he was happy to oblige. In fact, he’d already taken the shot.

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