What do Laz-e-Boy Recliners Have to do With Gardening Anyway.

THE SAWDUST HAD to wait, because while making a place to unload the hay, I discovered I didn’t have as much cardboard as I thought, and would need more. Enter logistics. See, how the sawdust gets on the truck is very quickly, using a loader with a giant bucket. In fact, my little Ranger, Tonto, won’t hold quite a full scoop. But once the sawdust is on the truck, it comes off a shovel full at a time – a somewhat slower process, given a somewhat slower me. So once I get sawdust, it’ll be Days before I can get more cardboard. And every day, the grass is growing. Got to get the area surrounding the garden, and a couple more paths, covered asap. So looks like a cardboard run is in the works. Sure am glad the furniture store is doing a good business in large things, from washers and dryers to big Laz-e-Boy recliners. They have a whole dumpster just for cardboard, and it’s a gold mine. xx -m


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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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2 Responses to What do Laz-e-Boy Recliners Have to do With Gardening Anyway.

  1. hosier1 says:

    I have been known to get large sheets of cardboard from Lowe’s too…broken down from refrigerator containers. One of these days I will tell you what I did with them. Then you will know I am certifiable.


  2. Jennifer E says:

    Entertaining post and great video. I dont think its possible to garden and be lazy. Its a great hobby to get you off that recliner!

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