Raised beds narrow and very functional for more mature gardeners. This was a garden some years ago, but has been fallow and full of fescue for long enough to be a challenge to reclaim. Fortunately, Pat came with her Troy-bilt Pony and thrashed the ground really well and made it workable.

Here's the box bed I've been blabbing about before it got its infusion of potting soil, peat, sand and several wheelbarrow loads of sifted earth. In the Ozarks you can't have carrots unless you get the rocks out of the way. The bed is 30" wide (inside dimensions) and just under 14 ' long. Plenty o' carrot room, plus radishes, beets, assorted Asian greens and leeks. Nearly too much fun, actually, even the part(s) that were backbreaking.

These photos should have been posted weeks ago and got overlooked!


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  1. Love the garden…you not only have a green thumb and green fingers, you must have a green Spirit! Everything looks so good.

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