Building Beds

Lettuce and kale - the first garden bed. There wasn't time to build a bed before it was time to plant some of the early greens.

WELL, THE WIND slowed, but only down to 30 mph gusts, which was better, but  not really good for working in the garden. Still, it had to be done. The sifting of the rocks out of the roots bed, leveling the box that contained the bed, lining its length at the margins with newspaper. Then a break for lunch and I was off to the dump to unload the trash that Van and I collected the day before, and reload the bed with potting soil, sand, a few groceries and a 3 lb. hammer. Back at the farm I drove the truck around to the garden and Sarah and I finished off our day (and poor aching bodies) by topping off the bed with 5 cu. ft. of coarse potting soil, a bale of too-dry peat and about a bushel of sand. More soil will be added tomorrow to finish off, then the bed will be stirred, smoothed and planted with several kinds of beets and carrots. I can hardly wait. But my back and my knees sure can.


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1 Response to Building Beds

  1. eb Blevins says:

    Gosh, now that you are both experienced, when you finish, the weather should be warm enough to do mine…laffin…that should be a great garden spot..yummmm

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