CONTINUING TO STRUGGLE with setting up a working midi station with a borrowed board so I can send a new song (written on said keyboard) to Robin for final editing. The board came with a stand that I can’t get to work, so it’s across the room on a table, too far away to hook up to the computer. Tomorrow, after the garden party, I’ll drive over to my storage unit and get my keyboard stand. But why am I borrowing a keyboard stand, you say?? Obviously if I have a stand, I have a keyboard, you’re saying, and you’re right. Years ago, I was persuaded by a slimy music store salesman to purchase a WONderful Peavey DPM3 board (and stand.) Trouble is, its software is stored on 3-1/2″ floppy disks. Over the years, loaning the board out while I wasn’t doing music, the disks got away and technology passed me by, leaving me with no computer capable of downloading the software  ONTO that size disk. Just retrieved the keyboard and have found the disks on eBay, so the problem will soon, I hope, be solved. And I will keep you posted on how that’s going. Meanwhile, I’m wrestling this little Yamaha that does 40-times more things than I need, and will, with luck, get the durn song on the durn computer sometime within the next week or two. Aaarrgh! I hate technology. But I love what it does when it’s working. Like now, actually.


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1 Response to Songwriting

  1. Carol Taylor says:

    Dang it, I know…I can still barely send an e-mail…I hope we get to hear the new song soon!

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