Long ago, before I bought this place, someone had the bright idea of installing a two-car overhead garage door on the equipment shed. Only they had to cut away some of the roof braces to do it. So they did. And last winter, when we had an ice storm that brought down about an inch of ice on the shed roof, it collapsed. Only it didn’t fall down. The whole thing is just balanced, waiting for another final, fatal shift. And there’s a ton of stuff inside it. So before the season gets underway (and after the truck clutch gets fixed) I need to make at least a couple of dump runs to get rid of the parts that are not salvageable, then move the things that can be saved into a more stable section of the shed so the bad end can be demolished. It’s crawling toward the top of the list as we speak. Soon.


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3 Responses to MORE DETRITUS

  1. Sandy says:

    Marideth, have someone come over and put up a few 6 x 6 braces, so that roof doesn’t decide to cave in when you are trying to haul out some “stuff”. I’m certain the things in there wouldn’t be worth you trying to crawl out from under that thing should it decide to give way at the wrong moment.

  2. druzianich says:

    my thoughts exactly, Sandy.

  3. Golly, the thought of your being smashed to bits by a falling roof is not a happy thought.

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