America’s Greenest

Due to some chaos at Margaret’s house, I was ensconced in an impressive edifice called the Proximity Hotel, billed as America’s greenest. And it was. Instead of bottled water there was a fancy filter across the hall next to the ice machine and a pitcher in every room. I got into town late and had expectations of dropping off the rental car the next day. But I slept late and the meeting with Signe Waller and a group of her friends ran long, so it didn’t get done. After leaving Signe’s home, we went for dinner and headed for the hotel and my very green room. But they wouldn’t let us in. Go around back, they said. This entrance is closed. I asked the very serious cop what was happening, and he said ” The President’s in town.” Holy smoke!

After drug sniffing dogs and bomb experts had examined the car and we’d gone through metal detectors and a gauntlet of secret service mammoths, we got in, Margaret bade farewell and I got to sleep under the same roof as the Prez. Pretty damn cool.


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2 Responses to America’s Greenest

  1. Sorry about the “chaos!” I know exactly what you mean, Marideth!

    I am almost able to laugh.

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