Heading Into the Wild Blue Yonder, or Geriatrics on Tour

Marideth Sisco, Dennis Crider, Linda Stoffel, Van Colbert, Bo Brown, Tedi May. Photo credit, Dennis Crider.

My apologies for not posting in a while. Sarah and I have been locked away in a dark room (not really, there are windows) working on the evidently endless details of arranging a nationwide tour for six marginally geriatric hillbilly musicians. It’s being really fun. And tedious. And painstaking. And did I say fun? Holy macaroni!! there’s a lot to this business. I’ve spent virtually the entire day today writing the fine print that goes on a CD package and that has to be PERfect before it can be printed. And it’s 10:15 p.m. and I’m not finished. It’s not that many words. But they have to be the right ones.

And Sarah has spent the day arranging lodging, communicating with venues, unpacking merchandise, packing my stuff for the upcoming weekend, making stir-fry and french toast. And that was a light day. We keep threatening to take a day off and do something silly. But we don’t have time to think of what that might be. Drugs and alcohol were considered but discarded, we neither can remember what to do with them.
Oh, wait. I take that back. We shared a bottle of wine with Kathleen last night at dinner. We apparently got home ok because we showed up to work this morning.
I don’t think I’m making it sound harder than it is. It’s not really hard. It’s tedious. It’s confusing at times. We’re not really qualified to do this part of the job, and if we were being practical, we’d fire each other. But then who would do the work?
Anyway, enough whining. We start this weekend on the two-night trial run for the tour, heading first for Columbia, where we’ll try out our show at the Blue Note, a fine venue, from what we understand. From there we head back to Springfield to play at the Randy Bacon Gallery. We hope for good and forgiving crowds. We’ve just finished a stint of studio time and hope to have this new CD meet us somewhere on the tour. Now it’s time to try all these new tunes, and some old ones, in front of an audience and see if they fly. Join us if you’re able. We’ll have fun. And we promise not to put you to work.


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5 Responses to Heading Into the Wild Blue Yonder, or Geriatrics on Tour

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  2. Mary Achor says:

    Marideth: I learned that you guys will be in Columbia Friday night, and my brother and I had already bought tickets to the Mizzou Girls’ Softball Tournament. If it is over in time, I’ll come to the Blue Note. One thing you need to be aware of is: In the advertisements it just shows “Winter’s Bone,” and not that the musicians of “Winter’s Bone” would be performing live. I had to go on Blue Note’s site and search before I saw that you will be here in person. Don’t know if you can correct this, but thought you should know…

  3. Marcy Weinbeck says:

    Travel safe, have fun, sing sweet … oh wait, you can do the last two, so I’ll work on angels for the first one 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    For “marginally geriatric hillbilly musicians” it sure sounds like you’re young enough to do all of this and do it well! I plan to get tickets for the venue in Washington, D.C. and can’t wait! Have a safe trip and enjoy every minute!

  5. eb Blevins says:

    You all be careful and have a great time.eb

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