An Old Concert

This appeared in the mail today from an old friend who had attended this concert in the 60’s.

The front cover.

It is pretty marked up. Who would have known?


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8 Responses to An Old Concert

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  2. Margaret Underwood says:

    How fun to get this, Marideth! I never could picture you with dark hair. You look like a blonde to me. Thanks so much.


  3. Lois Reborne says:

    Very cool. I love the notes on each song, which certainly sound like you wrote them. And the production credits – including the make up and advertising being handled by the same fellow. Must have been quite a show.

  4. Marcy Weinbeck says:

    Gotta love those blasts from the past! … I too hadn’t envisioned you with dark hair! Our brains work in such funny ways. . . Did you look at that list of the names of people who worked on the event and wonder where are they now? What fun …

  5. Bebe says:

    Wish I’d been there to hear you in person way back then…:-).

  6. I was there! That was the last time I heard you sing. After leaving CHS, I attended SMS (which is now SMSU) and those crew people were almost all names I remember from the Theatre department there. I had a huge crush on Jerry Darnall, but only worshipped from afar. I was a lowly freshman.

    I can still remember sitting in the audience thinking “I know her! And she is sooo good!” I think my friends were driven crazy by my saying it out loud and too often that night, but like I say, I was young…

    I loved your singing and am so pleased to have the memory refreshed.

  7. doug sheridan says:

    Bring back the glasses! They would have perfect for Hollywood.

  8. Pat Hight says:

    Jim Julien!!!!!! that is going way back! I was in High School when this took place, and totally unaware of any world outside my own (except \, like history and marxism).

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