Tonight at the Moxie

It was a footstomping, stand-on-the-chair kind of crowd tonight at the Moxie theater and Farmers Gastropub in Springfield for the local Oscars Nominations party. Marideth Sisco and Blackberry Winter performed two sets including a couple brand new wailers that sent shivers down my spine. In attendance with Marideth were Linda Stoffel, Bo Brown, Billy Ward, Dennis Crider, Tedi May, Van Colbert and Rick Redding. Rick belted out his bar song, Missing You,  from the movie Winter’s Bone  and Marideth sang my personal favorite Big Yellow Peaches (a classic murder ballad and a nonsense song), while the first round of partygoers schmoozed and soaked in the beauty and blend of folk, old-time and gospel.

Limited seating meant standing room only at the Gastro with CD sales and signings by the band members a full time task. Several members of the movie cast were present including Shelley Waggener (Sonya), Lauren Sweetser (Gail), Beth Domann (Alice), and several others.

The movie Winter’s Bone starring Jennifer Lawrence and John Hawkes has earned four Ocar nominations; Jennifer Lawrence (best actress), John Hawkes (best supporting actor) and Best screenplay, and Best Picture. I look for at least one win and am putting my money on Hawkes who gave a stellar performance.

Old time music including Farther Along, High on a Mountain and Missouri Waltz all sang  by local veteran Marideth Sisco were featured in the movie and soundtrack. Fast becoming favorites with a crowd of listeners unfamiliar with this genre of music it rises in popularity. Marideth has received requests for CD’s from as far away as Greece, Norway and Ireland.

If you haven’t seen  this movie yet, rent it, buy it, steal it. Get your hands on a copy and slip into a world of beauty and harshness unlike any other. Oh, you’re bound to enjoy the special breed of musicians making up Blackberry Winter, ala Marideth Sisco.  

written by Sarah Denton for Marideth Sisco



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4 Responses to Tonight at the Moxie

  1. Margaret Underwood says:

    Oh, how great, Sarah! I now have the soundtrack…almost drove through a red light while listening to it! I now need to get the movie.

    Take care, “you guys.”

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Margaret, now you be careful out there in traffic. We’ve gotten fond of your good company. What’s your favorite cut on the soundtrack?

  2. Deb Edwards says:

    The Oscar party was the best time I’ve had in a long time. It is also the first time I have ever seen Marideth Sisco dance without being asked. Freestyle dancing is what i saw in response to her band, Blackberry Winter, in repose. S0 fun to see joy flowing from everyone.

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      I have to agree, miss Deborah. Just couldn’t keep my feet still when they broke into “Juneapple.” It was a very good time, especially connecting and re-connecting with old friends. Some joys never lose their sweetness.

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