An Interview with 9513 Country Music

photo; S. Denton, moonmooring

One of the most accurate interviews I have had; they took my words and used them correctly!

I erased the .wav file off the recorder. We got all the way up to November and several other songs later, and they called and said they needed that .wav file for the “Missouri Waltz.” I said, I erased that a long time ago. And they said, Well, actually it starts the movie now…

… music is featured prominently on the film’s new soundtrack, which opens with Marideth Sisco singing a gentle version of “Missouri Waltz,” accompanied only by the sound of crickets and wind

… contributions as well from score composer Dickon Hinchliffe (of the UK band Tindersticks) and actor John Hawkes (who gives a truly Oscar-worthy performance in Winter’s Bone), the soundtrack is one of the most unexpectedly moving and poignant folk releases of the past year—both an effective soundtrack collection and one of the most unpretentious and revealing depictions of Ozarks folk music as a lively and important aspect of social life

Read the entire interview by Steven M. Deusner here.


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2 Responses to An Interview with 9513 Country Music

  1. I really enjoyed reading the entire interview, Maraideth. Thank you, so much, for bringing it to our attention. 😉

  2. Deb Edwards says:

    Terrific interview! You must feel like a big grin. I left praise on the site as well. Congrats! Things are unfolding into a ROLL!

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