Euro-Asian Jaunt

More specifics about the Euro-Asian jaunt to promote Winter’s Bone.
Executive Producer Jonathan Sheuer and I will be flying in (separately) to Turin (Torino), Italy on Nov. 27 to attend a Winter’s Bone screening at the Torino International Film Festival. As that festival closes, Jonathan will return to the U.S. and I will continue on, via Munich, Germany, to Tbilisi, capital of the Republic of Georgia (east end of the Black Sea and surrounded by Russia, China, Iran and Turkey) and on the ancient trade route from Asia toEurope.
Conquered a bunch of times it has the culture and architecture of all the conquerers, and therefore the reputation of being tolerant of strangers. I’ll attend another Winter’s Bone screening at the Tbilisi International Film Festival, fly back to Torino on Dec. 12 and return to the U.S. from there if they’ll let my loaded suitcases on the plane. After all, who would believe I went to Georgia without souvenirs? Any clues on best buys in the Soviet bloc from you international traveler types? All tips appreciated.
And this — BTW, I’ll have CDs at both stops, if you happen to be passing through. And I’ll be posting to this blog from every available internet cafe. Be prepared for (almost) daily updates that include strange symbols within the text. It’s not a code, just that computer keyboards reflect the culture and alphabets of the countries where they reside. Hope I can find one in Tbilisi with a keyboard that speaks English. More to come.

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4 Responses to Euro-Asian Jaunt

  1. Lois Reborne says:

    Have a wonderful time! I’m glad Georgia is a go. And looking forward to the posts along the way.
    Zoni turns her shoulder and mutters “hphmph”. That may be about you leaving her behind, but may be because the turkey did not make an appearance today.

  2. Bon voyage, Marideth
    Have a fine adventure, sounds like you’ve done your research, and I know you will find folks there to be friendly, curious and hospitable. Enjoy!
    Judith Eastburn

  3. Margaret Underwood says:

    I know you will wow them with your Ozarkian (?) accent and gorgeous voice, Marideth. I am glad Sarah mentioned giving Zoni a sweet potato treat but bet she would like turkey better and please don’t forget your kitties, especially Priscilla. I look forward to keeping up with you so much. I couldn’t join my family this Thanksgiving, nephews, nieces, etc. because of a dumb respiratory infection…terrible timing…poor me, poor me.

    I know you will have a great time.

    Bon Voyage (and that is some of the French I still remember),


  4. Sweet potatoes? All I got was green tomatoes. Easy does it, Marideth.

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