Light in the Attic said they’re shipping CDs to me on Oct. 13!


Yes, the big woohoo! is finally here, or just about. Light in the Attic, the record label for the Winter’s Bone soundtrack CD, said they’re shipping CDs to me on Oct. 13 —Finally!

The production and manufacture of this collection of songs has had its challenges and delays, but it’s on its way now, and will be in our hands very soon, nearly two weeks before it appears in stores or is available online. And I hafta say, even though it’s a good bit mine, it’s absolutely delicious. Like the upcoming DVD of the movie, it contains not just the songs that actually made it into the film, but all the songs that were made ready but didn’t make the final cut. It was never a matter of quality. The film simply wasn’t long enough to contain everything. Now you get to hear it all, including written about, and inspired by the film’s one invisible character, Jessup Dolly. There’s “Bred and Buttered,” a charming ballad by John “Teardrop” Hawkes, “Man on the Run”, a powerful piece by fiddler Billy Ward, and my own “Ballad of Jessup Dolly.” And more, much more. If you want to hear what the Ozarks sounds like, it’s all here. Enjoy.



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1 Response to Light in the Attic said they’re shipping CDs to me on Oct. 13!

  1. Sarah Birch Land says:

    I was able to download this on iTunes Thursday evening. Very nice, Marideth, very nice.

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