Another Great Movie review!

They just keep getting better. Oscars here we come!

This just in from

“… the bluegrass banjo, fiddle, and mandolin music that saturates the film rings as old and true … (as) the hills, especially the tunes sung at a birthday celebration by Ozarks folklorist Marideth Sisco. Many of the tunes can be traced to the British Isles and German(y), one song even dating back to 1590.”

“… glimpse into another world, as ancient and untouched as the Ozark Mountains that stand in the distance like grizzled elders. As corrupt and decayed as the broken blood bonds and rusting cars that litter the landscape like modern ruins. True and straight as the young girl who must defy its unyielding code.”

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3 Responses to Another Great Movie review!

  1. Sarah Birch Land says:

    that’s a good one, especially the second paragraph, “grizzled elders”, like that.

  2. Excellent reviews! Congrats, again!

    Bill 😉
    Author of “Back to the Homeplace”
    and forthcoming “The Homeplace Revisited” Spring 2011

  3. Kathy Borich says:

    So glad all of you appreciated my review of “Winter’s Bone.” I even corrected my typo on German(y). Thanks for catching that. As an old violin player myself, I really appreciated the music. You are something else, Marideth.

    When your album is released. let me know. I will post it on my website.

    Kathy Borich
    (aka Different Drummer)

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