Off to Tulsa With the Davis Creek Rounders

and the Smithsonian “Journeys Stories” exhibit!

Whoa! Barely back from Michigan, not recovered at all, and then off to Tulsa with Dennis, Van and Linda to play a few tunes and answer a few Winter’s Bone questions. It was an extraordinary experience beginning with our arrival at the theater to see all our names up on the marquee. And people wanted their pictures taken with us. It was just about more than a hillbilly could take. But we managed. The audience was lovely, some of Dennis’s relatives came out to see us, and one woman brought dessert. Who could ask for anything more.

Unfortunately, poor Dennis had to drive straight back for a photo shoot the next morning, and Van went along to help keep him awake. Linda and I stayed over and had a good breakfast before doing the long trek (300 miles with the temp hovering around 100° F.) home. We arrived back in West Plains, met Tedi at El Charro for a quick supper, and scurried off to the Harlin Museum where we played at the opening of the traveling Smithsonian “Journey Stories” exhibition.

I slept late today.

Now we await the release on line of the soundtrack album and rest up for whatever is the next round. Don’t touch that dial.


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