BBC Interview Thursday!

News flash! This just in! (heehee) I’m scheduled to meet Janet Saidi of KBIA-FM, the NPR affiliate in Columbia, Mo. on Thursday for a two-hour interview followed by her attending a Rounders practice session. She will send the interview to the BBC, which will edit and produce for the BBC World Service. It will be featured on their Arts program, and will play worldwide. Holy Hermione!


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4 Responses to BBC Interview Thursday!

  1. Lois Reborne says:

    Wait – are the Rounders going to Columbia to practice? I mean I guess for being on the BBC – why not? Very cool!

  2. grigsby63 says:

    Very cool. Will you keep us posted as to when the interview will be airing?

  3. Kitty Chrysalis says:

    Hey Merideth,

    I am so happy to hear of your fame…. I would love to know when this will be aired, I am lookiing forward to seeing your interview…..

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