The Poster Give-away

Me on the left with Dan and Barbara Leary. The cast and crew signed poster. photo credit; S. Denton, Moonmooring

Here we are, finally, making the great poster exchange, with me representing Winter’s-Bone-the-movie and Dan and Barbara Leary as the winners of the poster auction at the Haiti fundraiser (at the Yellow House earlier). Dan’s trying to hide his garden-covered work pants behind the poster, and they both said I should tell everyone they normally look better than this. They were just finishing up a giant workday at Pat and Lois’s new farm. I think they look great!!

Fortunately there are no pictures of me enjoying my holiday sitting around home with my little dog, loafing. Every once in a while I’ll stumble to the kitchen for orange juice or a Jones sugar-free black cherry soda, and to get Zoni just one more little treat (If I don’t, she stands there just like in the photo, only behind me, and barks. Not like arfarfarf! so you could get used to it or ignore it. Just every two minute or so, there’s just one ARF!! and it never fails to scare the wits out of me.) It’s no fair. She’s deaf, so I can’t bark back at her. Ok, it’s a holiday, all right? So just take that word “Pathetic” that was starting out of your mouth, and put it away.


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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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