Performing at the Old Time Music Festival, West Plains

It’s not every year a performer gets to be on stage with two groups at a music festival. But this 16th annual Old Time Music Festival saw me perform with the local long time favorite The Davis Creek Rounders then later with the headliner Blackberry Winter. Talk about a full day.

Jonathan Scheuer, producer of Winter's Bone, Tedi May, Blackberry Winter's bass player and Billy Ward were in attendance at the festival all day Friday.

The Davis Creek Rounders; L to R; Van Colbert, Linda Stoffel, me (Marideth Sisco), Ken Wagoner, Rick Cochran and Dennis Crider.

The rounders played City Kicks, written by myself, Bury Me Beneath the Willow with Linda Stoffel on vocals, and Happy Home in Arkansas by Ken Wagoner, On A Hill Lone And Gray (the Carter Family version) with Van Colbert, to name a few.

Blackberry Winter; L to R; Van Colbert, Bo Brown, Linda Stoffel, Tedi May, me, Dennis Crider and Billy Ward.

Early evening found me on stage again, this time as lead singer with Blackberry Winter. The crowd had grown along with the available shade for people to sit and dance.

Among the songs performed by Blackberry Winter were, Ballad Of Jessup Dolly from the movie Winter’s Bone, Bury Me Beneath The Willow, a way different version and in a minor key, High On A Mountain from the movie, Man On The Run by Billy Ward, and Farther Along and Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies both from the movie.

Couldn’t have asked for a better day unless it would have been cooler temperatures. Saturday morning brought a freak wind storm that brought down all the canopies and some of them half way across the county. By nine a.m. the fire department had everything ship shape.

I you didn’t make this festival get out to the 17th annual Old Time Music Festival next year!

more photos here

photos courtesy of Moonmooring


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2 Responses to Performing at the Old Time Music Festival, West Plains

  1. Linda Smith says:

    Absolutely LOVED you in Winter’s Bone! Come all Ye Fair and Tender Ladies was incredible! We hope you record it!

    Best wishes!

    Linda and Bill Smith
    Mission, KS
    (Just a stone throw from Missouri!)

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Thanks, you! It’s recorded and being transferred to CD now, will be ready for purchase or download soon.

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