New York, Here I Am!

Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly of late — I was kind of stumbling over my schedule and lost track for a bit. I’ll try to be good from now on (translation: don’t hold your breath, cause the stumbling part ain’t over).

Did I tell you about New York? I was there for a week of movie promotion (Winter’s Bone), Q&As all over town, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where they cheered us, and cheered the credits, because they knew so many of the cast and crew. But boy, is it hectic for a poor hillbilly two-bit musician.

New York is way fun, and beautiful, and the exact slam-dunk middle of American Culture. The true melting pot. Delicious in every way. That said, I now understand the real meaning of a New York Minute. Those people were kind, generous, thoughtful — and they walked my legs off every day. Down the street for this. Up the street for that. Just a couple blocks, Marideth. Or was that three? Up and down (and up) subway stairs, needing the assistance of railings that had been touched by innumerable human hands. And I came home without even a sniffle. Please understand that my way was eased at every turn by Debra and Jonathan, who were superb hosts. But even by myself it would have been wonderful. You really gotta go.

Later: the Jazz Museum of Harlem


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4 Responses to New York, Here I Am!

  1. Birch Land says:

    Hey, Marideth, was that your first trip to NYC? I’ve been twice in the last year on school travel trips. Love it. Especially the Met. And I completely understand about the walking, subway stairs, etc. Glad you liked it. Hoping we get to see you in Aug.!

  2. Lois Reborne says:

    When’s the clotheshorse debut? a cool day in October? a cold day in ????

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