Finishing up The “Winter’s Bone Soundtrack” Photo

Four a.m. and the Winter's Bone soundtrack crew is finishing up! Were we ever tired, and happy! Back row L to R; Kim Lansford (guitarist), Jim Lansford (mandolin), Billy Ward (fiddle). Front row L to R; Sheryl Lee (who played April), D.J. Shumateon (banjo), Dennis Crider (guitarist), Ann Rosellini (producer/screenwriter), director Debra Granik, me (Marideth Sisco), D.J.'s mama (Mrs. Shumate). March 19-2009

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6 Responses to Finishing up The “Winter’s Bone Soundtrack” Photo

  1. Do you have a link to where the soundtrack can be purchased?

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Not yet. We’ve signed with Light in the Attic and they’re supposed to be pressing/burning it now. It should be coming up on iTunes shortly, as well. Stay tuned.

  2. I can’t wait! Meanwhile, I’ll keep spreading the word about the film!

  3. Vargen says:

    The movie in this music was absolutely fantastic. And the movie itself was stunning. I thank you all who participated, great work!

  4. Raul says:

    Thank you Thank You. The music to this movie was perfect y’all have created a classic I was moved and angered as well many other emotions, through it all the music kept me centered. Thank You for such heartfelt and moving music I will always love this soundtrack.

  5. yarnspinnerpress says:

    Thank you all for the comments.


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