A Marathon Day, Little Rock Film Festival

I’m sitting in my larger-than-life room at the Capital Hotel near midnight Friday, winding down from a marathon film-watching day at the Little Rock Film Festival. Actually, most things about this festival are a little larger than life. All you have to do is look at a list of the sponsors, which you can find here. <http://www.littlerockfilmfestival.org/get-invoved/sponsors/&gt;, to find out what their budget might look like.

For instance, a local luxury car dealership has made available a fleet of cars, at least one a Lexus and another a Cadillac hatchback (try saying those two words together for a laugh) just to tote around the filmmakers from hotels to the theater multiplex and on to area parties. But the film schedule and offerings are sweet.

Best thing seen today (Friday) was a surprise: a little film called “Homewrecker.” Absolutely delicious performances by Anslem Richardson and Ana Reeder.   By contrast, the premiere of “Arcadia Lost,” billed as one of those to beat in the competition, left this viewer somewhat confounded by its disconnectedness. If it was magical realism, then its mystical scenes seemed heavyhanded and shallow, if not silly. And if it wasn’t, then how did these kids spend so many days in the Greek summer countryside without 1)eating or drinking, or 2) working up a spectacular sunburn. Just sayin…


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