New York Times Interview with Debra Granik

photo; S. Denton, moonmooring

ON the face of it, Debra Granik’s gracefully melancholy second feature has much in common with her first, right down to its chilly title. Like her 2004 debut feature, “Down to the Bone,” a vérité indie about an upstate New York mother trying to ditch her drug habit for the sake of her children, “Winter’s Bone” is a closely observed drama whose protagonist is a young woman scraping by in a decaying corner of America rarely visited by filmmakers who have not passed through the Sundance Screenwriters Lab. That “Winter’s Bone” is also a bit of a thriller with a generous dusting of the Brothers Grimm is a departure for Ms. Granik, but we’ll get to that … read the rest of the article at the New York Times.

Tickets go on sale Monday morning for the West Plains premier!


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