The Davis Creek Rounders

The Davis Creek Rounders; left to right; Ken Wagoner, Linda Stoffel, Rick Cochran, Marideth Sisco, Van Colbert, Denise Crider. photo credit; S. Denton, Moonmooring

The Rounders formed out of a long-time jam session held every Thursday for the past several years at the home of guitarist and retired biology professor Rick Cochran. Guitarist and Quill sports editor (now retired) Dennis Crider was a regular at these sessions, as was West Plains attorney Ken Wagoner, who had taken up guitar and shared their interest in old time music. I came aboard soon after Ken, who has an extraordinary memory in which he stores countless old songs, was becoming proficient on guitar. He has now taken up mandolin I started singing with them, often adding harmonies to Ken’s vocals. A few years later, Linda Stoffel stopped by in search of people doing music, and began adding a high harmony and occasional melody to the mix. Others have come and gone, but we five seemed to be a combination that stuck, and so we began performing in public, at first just at the Old Time Music Ozarks Heritage Festival, and then at other venues as requested. We are now putting together a CD of our favorite work, which will be offered here once it is completed.


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5 Responses to The Davis Creek Rounders

  1. Jay Freeman says:

    Where can I get a CD of your music? I was captivated by your cameo performance in Winters Bone.

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Howdy, Jay, and thanks! – The soundtrack is available for download now from iTunes or Amazon. The official CD release date is Oct. 26. I will have some CDs available here on my web site in early October. And we’re convening in November to make another CD. Stay tuned on that one.

  2. Margaret Underwood says:

    Ah, yes and I will be sure and order anything with your voice on it!! Will check Amazon and iTunes and BTW, how is Amazonia?


  3. Martin Craul says:

    Thanks Marideth for sending me the CD of Winter’s Bone and I appreciate the signing. Will enjoy the music for a long time. Regards. Martin

  4. Pam Blair says:

    I love the sound track from Winter’s Bone and cannot wait to hear more of this soulful American music! Please keep me tuned in:-)

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