Old Time Music Ozarks Heritage Festival

securedownload-1_2I’VE DECIDED TO spend the rest of this week bragging on the Old Time Music Ozarks Heritage Festival. Two reasons aside from the fact that it’s s very, very good way to spend a weekend. The reason I like best is that you’ll see players and bands here that only come out of the woods or into the Ozarks once or twice a year. And the other is that it’s an opportunity to see and hear things from you childhood memories, or maybe experience them for the first time. And don’t forget to come by and see me while you’re there. I’ll be emceeing the music, and I’ll have all my books and CDs with me, and I’ll be happy to autograph one or two. If this sounds like a pitch, it is, from my own shameless commerce division, just as I learned from public radio.

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