securedownload-1_2A foray down out of the city and southwest across the Virginia countryside, past battlefields, monuments and headquarters sites from the Civil and Revolutionary wars set among a remarkably gentle and civilized backdrop that is on the move, cautiously, from late winter to early spring. Destination, after 3 hours, Charlottesville, home to the University of Virginia. Leaves are tiny but showing. Early jonquils and the first phlox are up and blooming. The ample bed of spearlike fronds of rosemary on the campus of the University are a froth of blooms in wedgewood blue against the spruce blue of the leaves.

Judy’s physician son, Colin, observed to her recently that the founding of this splendid old university was possibly an even greater accomplishment by Thomas Jefferson than was the Declaration of Independence. Hard to argue from this view. I spent a comfortable and extremely enlightening couple of hours in the coffee shop at Alderman Library on the university campus, where at one point I was told that until the 1970s, an education at the institution was available only to white males. As I looked around, I counted, and found that at that moment, the proportion of scholars was 19 females to 5 males. I’m told the actual proportion is more like 6 to 4, with females prevailing. Along with the conversation I had with historian Holly Cowan Shulman, it made my day.

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5 Responses to THE ROAD – ON AND OFF —

  1. Bebe Wood says:

    AHHHH, Charlottesville, my Mother’s second home. She loved TJ and spent many hours at Monticello, auditing classes at UVa, and eating Albamerle Pippin apples.

  2. Teresa Bourgoin says:

    It is beautiful there. I lived a short bit across the hills in Stanton Va for awhile. So happy to hear your trip is going along beautifully

  3. Jan Wells says:

    Times….they are a changin’!!!! So glad spring is coming to VA….we can’t be far behind! Please, God! So enjoying your trip. Jan

  4. Times have changed. And it is a Blessing that you are here to remind us.

  5. Judy Findlay says:

    a joy to drive through the Virginia countryside with my high school friend. the past is in such close proximity in the foothills of the Shennandoah—rather like our lives. the past rides with us, but we can’t help but plan for the future. What fun to find this friend again—someone who is not afraid of memories, because she knows they are the “stuff” from which we create what comes next. Wonder what it will be….

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