Cushaw Season!

The Cushaw patch was picked Thursday in anticipation of Isacc moving into the area. Two of the squash had small splits in them and rain would have only made the situation worse. They have been weighed and named as of last night. I will double check the largest as it weighed in at 50 pounds. More photos soon. Click the Moonmooring link to see a slideshow of the squash.


Or – The Cushaw Squash Gala

Nestled deep below the cool canopy of fading leaves, next to the moist earth and straw, each of these babies appears as a unique individual, curled for the long grow as if sleeping.

Six seeds on a scrappy hill in a new garden – a cardboard bed was laid and they soon leaped from the dirt. Finally one day the bees work was prosperous and tiny bulbous forms appeared. Dozens and dozens of marble sized squash began forming and fear rose in the hearts of the planters (that would be myself actually – the planter). Thankfully only twelve Cushaw reached adulthood, some bizarrely twisted or uncurled.

Thursday, the day before the last blue moon until 2026 (?) Isacc was threatening to dump two – ten inches of rain. A small split appeared in each of two Cushaw and the day of picking became clear…

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3 Responses to Cushaw Season!

  1. whoa! It looks like you called a squash meeting and they all came!

  2. Mary Lou Price says:

    Looks like you are surrounded by a gaggle of geese! 🙂

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