Summer’s Heat

SUMMER’S HEAT HAS set in, in earnest, and with it the quandary about how much and when to water, weed and tend to the equally unrelenting chores attached to keeping and growing a garden. I have recently found that, for me, the only workable solution seems to involve changing longstanding habits and sleep patterns. So much for my night owl ways, for the duration of the heat, if not for summer totally, I’ve reset my internal clock to wake me at  6 a.m. or thereabouts. Of course, you understand that “awake” is a relative term for a person who has heretofore acknowledged the reality of only one 6 o’clock, and that in the p.m. My ready-for-the-day routine is simple. Dog out, coffee water on, bathroom, mix 20-megaton coffee concoction, dog in, pour water into concoction, add enough milk to make it bearable, and out to the garden. Then it’s sip coffee, plan the morning, sip coffee, start south soaker hose, sip coffee, fix hose connection, sip…well, you get the idea. By about 8:30, the main chores are done, tomorrows chores have been ID’ed, and it’s time for a second cuppa joe. Life, even on hot summer days, is good if started right. And early.


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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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1 Response to Summer’s Heat

  1. Jerre Miller says:

    Love your routine Marideth. We can all relate since those first tasks are while half-awake, almost the same as the day before & all include “high hopes” for accomplishing even more than the day before. We are never daunted till 6:00 PM when we realize that LIST we had (either on paper or our head) was mistakenly for 4 days. Inspiration, ice coffee and that NEW DAY zeal – can’t beat it.

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