Today in the garden, May 8

Actually a few days ago.

Rattlesnake pole beans. There are seven variety’s of beans.


This row of tomatoes and basil has been mulched with a thick layer of very old hay. The basil is about ready to be pinched back for the first time.

The snow peas


This row of potatoes is covered with blossoms ready to open.

Rows of onions and lettuces tucked in between everything. Okra will soon pop up between these onions.


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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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14 Responses to Today in the garden, May 8

  1. eb says:

    Wow, everything looks great, especially the snow peas,,they are so big already. Im just planting mine..I planted shili peppers and tomatoes today, they are covered with plastic. We covered the cages with plastic bags and then clipped the bags to the cages. working really good…still have to take some pics…eb

  2. great looking plants! I am envious of how far along your garden is!

  3. I love seeing your garden. It takes me back to my Grandfather’s farm. Keep posting I love the photos so much.

  4. hosier1 says:

    Y’all sure have a magic touch when it comes to growing things! I love these photos but you wasted some space planting Cilantro…which to me tastes like a wet dog smells…URP!!!

    • Moonmooring says:

      Yea… people either love or hate cilantro. I’ll try and remember that when you visit. I add it to EVERYTHING. Just kidding.

      • hosier1 says:

        Yucko! I can hardly wait to get there! How much does a house there cost? Ha, haaaaaaa!

        The like or dislike of Cilantro is a genetic thing…research has been done on this..interestingly it depends on where your ancestors were on this planet.

  5. Moonmooring says:

    P.S. I made a very small batch of pesto with the pinched back tops of the basil, about 3/4 cup. The basil wasn’t very strong yet but oh so delicious!

    • hosier1 says:

      Love this idea, Sarah. I used to make it and freeze it in ice trays…will bet you do the same thing…so hint, hint…freeze a couple of cubes for me!

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