Today in the garden

Sarah planted these various tomatoes and the basil this morning. This will be mulched with 4-6 inches of straw mulch.

Radishes in the first raised bed I created.

Snow peas.

Provider beans interspersed with onions.

One of two rows of potatoes, all heirloom.

Still working on this spot. It will house winter squash. Maybe.

One of two rows of brassicas. If this too warm weather keeps up there won’t be much in the way of harvest from them. Maybe the nights will stay cool.

Nearly ready, a raised area for winter squash, and some tomatoes in cages.

An overview from the SW corner.

photo credit: S. Denton

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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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17 Responses to Today in the garden

  1. adamweaver says:

    looking great

  2. Marcy Weinbeck says:

    Good gravy, Aunt Sadie, that’s a fine looking garden! I’m especially envious of the snow peas, already in flower … You’re a wonder, you are! 🙂

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Actually Sarah is the snow pea planter, tender and cooker of them. Stir fry snow peas and onions tonight with a dash of sesame oil. I think.

      • OzarkAggie says:

        Mine never make it to the kitchen. I’ve been having them for breakfast. Harvested 4 cups this last week.

        BTW, you can use floating row covers, aka frost blankets, to protect your brassicas from the heat. Double layer cuts sun by 30% and still allows water to penetrate. When the blankets are wet the evaporation provides cooling – like a swamp cooler out west.

  3. Moonmooring says:

    Reblogged this on Moonmooring and commented:
    This is the garden I share with my longtime friend and employer Marideth Sisco. Sharing a garden space with her has been most interesting – she is a planner and engineer and I plant and tend. So it works well. I took these photos and planted most of the garden. Marideth on the other hand dug, hauled, raked, sifted, dug, hauled, picked up rocks… so you can see who does the bulk of the work.. BOTH of us!
    Happy gardening to YOU.

  4. The garden is looking beautiful, laidies! What a thrill!

  5. Rose says:

    Lovely! Where did you get your big boxes?

  6. Love your raised beds. I grow roses in them! Great post.

  7. druzianich says:

    you two certainly have green thumbs, thank you.

  8. hosier1 says:

    Totally wonderful! Are any of those tomato plants from the German Johnson seeds that Marideth took back to Missouri with her?

    What do you do with your harvest? Lou and I sold some of our tomatoes to a local grocery store in her home town. We also did some canning.

  9. hosier1 says:

    Hope you know that Hosier 1 is me…Margaret Underwood…Hosier is my middle name after my mother’s maiden name.

    • Moonmooring says:

      Yep Margaret!! Mostly they will be eaten and canned and dehydrated. I expect this garden will get a couple people ell into winter this year. More photos in a few days.

  10. Snow peas aren’t just in flower! I see some ready to pick. Here in the UK, they call them “mange tout” which is French for eat it all, don’t ask why the Brits gave a French name to ’em. Being totally useless in the kitchen, I love snowpeas dumped whole in my microwave rice cooker along with the raw rice and some sliced mushrooms, a knob of butter, garlic salt, salt and pepper and of course a bit of water for the rice. After just a few minutes, the PING of the microwave goes and I have a lovely meal…I gotta see if there are any “mange tout” at Tesco, and it’s all YOUR fault, Merideth!

  11. And I know your name is spelled Marideth! Auto spell check ‘corrected’ it! ARRGH!!!

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