Springtime Thunder

Todays storm clouds over southern Missouri.

The oregano

IT’S ANOTHER SUNDAY in Paradise, rather the Ozarks in springtime. All the yellow flowers blooming their heads off, songbirds, both the locals and the migrants, making a splendid racket and warm but blustery weather making its magnificent march across the skies. Starting tonight, the forecast is for rain and significant flooding through Saturday. Wow. Where city folks may be sending us waves of pity, we’re out here thinking, Hmm. Nice. Ponds will get washed and freshened, Water table will get topped off, and with luck I’ll have an excuse to just watch the garden grow, instead of being out there working in it.  Good all around. We hope for no damage to areas along the rivers. But spring high water is an exciting time that sometimes provokes good fireside tales. Of course, some of my Pollyanna-like good cheer is because I live on a hill. My apologies and well wishes to folks down in the hollers. May the waters be kind.

photo credit; S. Denton, Moonmooring


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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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