Gigs and Such

Two things I’ve been meaning to tell you about and it keeps slipping my mind, and if you were in my mind you’d understand why. I’m still juggling way too many balls, ten-pins and jackrabbits to keep one from sailing off out of reach now and then. But let’s don’t go there. Instead, here are the two things.

First, we are just now into the process of booking engagements for the upcoming year, and many of you don’t know that I do another gig, and I am available to come to your area for an hour of storytelling and informative speaking on all kinds of subjects, from history to gardening to anything related to the Ozarks and its unique culture. I have performed at all kinds of events – conferences, meetings, symposiums etc. and I host a regular program on Ozarks Public Radio delivering essays under the title, These Ozarks Hills. I’d love to come and visit with you. For bookings, contact Sarah Denton at

Click here to hear a sample radio essay.

Second, every year in West Plains, Mo., the town I now call home, there is a music festival with an awkward name. It’s the Old Time Music Ozarks Heritage Festival, and it features, along with some of the best music you’ll hear anywhere, a mule jump, goat races, old time crafts and artistry, and a cooking stage featuring everything from homemade doughnuts to squirrel pot pie. No kidding. We (Blackberry Winter Band) will be there, the old time square dancers will be there, the shape note singers will be there, and you should be there too. It’s the Friday and Saturday of the third weekend of June, every year. Come see us.

Check us out on YouTube!


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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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