Whizzing around and singing. Nawt!

It’s a bad day to reconnect with friends old and new on this bog, er, blog. Don’t misunderstand. It’s not a bad day everywhere or for everyone. I just have a cold the size and quality of which is called in my family the Dread Gombu. Coughing spells that leave one weak and sore-sided. And expectorants, even with cough suppressants, just make it worse, causing the wheeze and gurgle once commonly associated with galloping consumption. No fever. No stuffy nose. Just the cough. I should be grateful, I know. It could be worse. I don’t want to hear about it. Actually, I can’t hear about it. I’m too busy coughing. And recovering from coughing. And getting ready to cough. AArrgh! (ouch). This is what a case of the surlies sounds like, and I’ve got it bad. Somebody send me whiskey and lemon! just kidding. I’ll get over myself. I really will. Maybe tomorrow. Or next week. I’ll let you know.
blog post – Of a Sunday, let’s just say a little of this goes a long way. Still coughing. Still waiting to get better.  Still bummed.
Monday — a little better but now my voice is in the basement doing frog imitations. I’m a joy to behold.
Ok – It’s Tuesday. I’m noticeably better, at least to me. Sarah’s here and said i sound terrible. Probably, but she missed three days of godawful, and so did you. Be glad. Be very glad. I predict that tomorrow I’ll be on the mend no matter what. My favorite acupuncturist is making a house call, and soon I’ll be whizzing around and singing like Mary Poppins. Well, not — I mean — it’s a figure of speech, eck-tually. Stay tuned. I’ll be giving a post-poke report soon.

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7 Responses to Whizzing around and singing. Nawt!

  1. Marcy Weinbeck says:

    Had the cold, still have the cough and froggy voice … hope you’re past it soonest! Sending healing angels (in addition to Sarah and accupunturist-with-wings) … breathe, smile, repeat.

  2. Sarah Birch Land says:

    I had that! Must’ve caught it from one of the little urchins at Gail’s funeral.

  3. PLEEZE don’t sing like Mary Poppins, but I hope that you do feel your old self real soon with a return to health from the Dread Gombu and you’ll be poppin’ merrily along!

  4. Sandra says:

    Been there and had that right after Christmas and still coughing. I hope you get rid of it very soon and feel better very soon!

  5. Sandy says:

    Friend of mine posted last night that if you find yourself sick with this stuff, go to the doc rather than try to get over it yourself because it lasts and lasts and lasts.

    “Post poke report” snort! Be well!

  6. Craig says:

    Marideth is sounds like something I would do. Wait until the third day to grab the Vicks Vapor rub.
    Eucylipsis does wonders. I’m sick too. I’ve got a high spring fever. I go out to the garage to grab a shovel and I find I inadvertantly grab a lawn chair. Its so bad I can smell fresh cut grass. I doing everything to make sure I don’t grab my fishin pole and slide my kayak onto the ice. This stress is hard on my heart. I have been cutting out wildlife patterns on my scroll saw to print on Tshirts.
    Can a person have too many T-shirts. I was going to do the days of the week on my shirts but I would just wear out the Friday one so I canned that idea. Listening to Pandora radio a foggy mountain breakdown just came on. I’m going to try and dance my fever away.. No ones home, so theres no witnesses.

  7. adamweaver says:


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