Still reeling!

Still reeling – Got home from the October trip safe and sound, took a week to nap, read mail, pay bills etc., then as I was settling down to work again on current and future projects, got hit with two pieces of interesting news and then a dastardly cold that didn’t just smack me down and then let go, but took away my energy and voice, and hung on. It’s still hanging, for that matter, but has let loose enough so I can get some things accomplished.
First, the interesting news. Got an e-mail from an outfit in the UK wanting to license a song from the movie. Well, I sang it, but it wasn’t mine to license, so I sent them on to someone who could direct them to the right place.
Evidently the right place didn’t work out for them, so they came back and said, “Got anything else.” Well, heck, I had a whole album of else’s, so I sent them the Blackberry Winter CD, they passed it around for others to hear, and I haven’t heard a peep since. I’ll keep you posted.
Second interesting thing, I got a request to do a video audition for a part in an upcoming film due to be shot in NYC in February. Did the tape, haven’t heard a thing since. So lots of scurrying around at my house trying not to be overcome with anticipation over events that may never happen.

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5 Responses to Still reeling!

  1. Eric Somers says:

    I got the terrible cold that is going around, also. Although the first few days are worst, it totally lasts about three weeks. Everyone I know who has gotten it complains about how long it lasts. My voice took about 2.5 weeks to recover. (Fortunately I am not a professional singer.)

    If you do come to NYC in February I do hope we can meet. I usually have a big birthday party in NYC near the 20th (my actual birthday). This will be 70 for me so a big decade party. If you are around you certainly are invited and other figures from the NYC music scene (though mostly avant garde, etc.) will be there.

    It is frustrating that big media are often slow to respond. I sent a recording to American Public Media a short time ago and am still waiting to see if they are going to air it nationally.


  2. Jerre Miller says:

    Wonderful news! Get over that cold…………..the world is waiting.
    This is the chapter where they beat a pathway to your door. Ha.

  3. Sandra says:

    I hope your cold has left by now, Marideth. Mine lasted two weeks, but I’m still coughing and can’t seem to get rid of it. Wonderful news and I hope you hear something soon. Just got my album and book. Haven’t listened or read yet, but that’s on my agenda for the weekend. Take care!

  4. Marideth -You know I have a copy of that CD myself and absolutely love it. Please remember that I am here in the UK. Could I help in any way? Like a gee-up phone call to the guys who contacted you? Anything? Us old gals from Cassville High have to stick together, even if we weren’t all that close back then, because you were older than me (by just a tiny bit). And feel better really soon – I had a cold here too, but the temps are nice and high – it will be in the 50’s today, so can’t complain.

  5. I am just now reading this, Marideth! Hope your voice has returned and also your energy. I am so excited about what is happening in your life!! I spoke to Sarah a couple of nights ago and she mentioned something about some possible excitement coming up….Yeah!!!!

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