Page 30, The usual, the tour, The Blackberry Winter Band!

Resentments are festering again, and I’m beginning to ferret out the cause. It’s no one’s fault, just people’s differing habits. It will come to a head soon, but I think I’ll know what to do. In the meantime, we’re off to Chicago, if we can find it. Miles of road construction later, we blunder our way into Gary, hurtled down a marked off ramp into a no-man’s-land of rusted girders and plowed up roadways, with a thin ribbon of temporary asphalt wavering down the middle. At its end, we find three roads but no sign anywhere telling us which is the right one. Then, across the way, we spy words and an arrow, spray painted in graffiti black. I-94, it says, and the arrow points left. It could have sent us anywhere, but it steered us right, and we are out of the maze and onto the interstate, and the Chicago skyline soon appears. The venue, Lincoln Hall, is lovely and we are well received. It’s another night at Motel 6, and then north across Wisconsin, headed for Minneapolis.



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2 Responses to Page 30, The usual, the tour, The Blackberry Winter Band!

  1. peacewerks says:

    Marideth: You guys need a play day. Mammoth. Like going sledding down a muddy hill in your overalls. Or going to a junk yard and each spending two minutes beating the hell out of a junker. That works great, believe me, I’ve tried it. Just remember that your muscles will be pretty sore the next day, but it works out a lot of stress and tension and anger… Don’t let it fester…

    Blessings, Mary Achor

  2. Sending lots of good thoughts your way. The stress of touring is tough. I did it back when i was a kid and then it was rough enough. The CD of Winter’s Bone that you sent is getting much play and is loved along with your own CD that would be wearing out from playing if such a thing was possible! Hang in there… With much love from London.
    Jeanie Hayes (as she was)

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