The Amazing Geriatric Hillbilly US World Tour, page 25

Boston was another surprise, another indie rock place painted all black and with a bare green room, no amenities and with the bathrooms clear over on the other side of the facility. Don’t know what the rest did, but I changed clothes and cleaned up in the handicap stall on the women’s side. Not a good start.

But we headed down the street to our potential buyout locations. Bo walked until he found fresh clam chowder and some of his birding friends on their way to the concert. The rest of us ended up at a Mediterranian place where I had too many dolmas and splendid iced tea. Fueled up, we headed back to do the show at TT the Bear’s.

But here was the real surprise. They brought in some dozens of chairs and it was still a standing-room-only crowd, all of them loving the music and showing it. And for dessert, another friend from high school days, Janelle Clark Shubert, just retired from a teaching career that included Harvard, and husband, still working at MIT, and sporting the most intelligent face I think I’ve ever seen. Boy, do I want to get back there and talk some more with those folks, too. Or maybe just listen.

After the show we pack up and head out, looking for a likely stayover spot between there and the City. There wasn’t one. At some point, Jonathan said why don’t we just go on to New York and you can stay with us. So we did, arriving at Jonathan and Debra’s sometime after midnight. I found a couch and didn’t know another thing until 10 the next morning. Another great day to come.


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  1. Karla Bean says:

    My niece lives in Boston and I fell in love with it when I was there for her wedding. The neighborhood she lived in reminded me of Telegraph in Berkeley, the weather was still spring-like in June and the ocean beach was but a drive away. Even the downtown beat cops were friendly and they had huge, lovely weeping willows in the park. When the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway was on Cape Cod, I entered the contest everyday, but, alas, I didn’t win. lol

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