The Amazing Geriatric Hillbilly U.S. World Tour


There are probably still one or two people here and there who don’t know this story and how it started. There are probably quite a few more that have already heard more than they want to about it. But we’re going to tell it anyway, as it’s happening, for the folks that have been our supporters and friends. We know starting out that we’re too old for this ambitious a project. And we’re certainly not in any kind of training program, unless you’d call training us unrepentant and out of control elderly away from donuts and Fritos and toward hummus and carrot sticks. Significant but somewhat limited success there. But Sarah will be relentless. It’s her job. Or rather, one of her many jobs, as we head out on this careless and foolhardy journey. It’ll be some trip. Want to experience it for yourself? Just stay tuned.

How it all began –

How far back would you like to go? All of us have a history as musicians, most dating back to our teen years or farther. I’ll be collecting the details as we go along from each of the players and passing them on to you. And I’m not going to bore you with my long story here at the outset. Instead, let’s start with the chain of events that led to the movie, that led to the promotion of the movie by those who appeared in it, that led to the rising popularity of the music, and all that.

I don’t know how long ago Rick Cochran began hosting music parties at his home on Thursday nights. I was first invited a little over 20 years ago. I soon discovered the regulars would include Dennis Crider and Ken Wagoner and whoever else happened by. Sometimes there would be 10 or more, sometimes just us. As my circumstances changed over time, I came and went, but the parties went on. And on. They continue today.

One night in 2007, a fellow we all knew but didn’t know well, Dan Woodrell, called Rick and asked if he could come over and bring some guests with him. As always, Rick said sure. They came in, introduced themselves and settled down to listen as we played and sang. They were Dan and his wife, Katie; Debra Granik; business partner Ann Rosellini; husband Jonathan Scheuer, and cinematographer Michael O’ Donough. They listened, Michael shot some video, and they left.

Two years later, sometime in January, I got a call from Ann.


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1 Response to The Amazing Geriatric Hillbilly U.S. World Tour

  1. Ina says:

    Looking forward to reading about your musical journey…like I told you when you got your hair cut the other day….everything happens when it is supposed to, so enjoy the gift …you’ve earned it. Hugs!!!!

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