Busy Before – HA!

Up early today trying to get organized. Two boxes off to the post office to be mailed home. It’s not so much stuff I’ve picked up while I’ve been out here, but deciding to send back most of the books I brought with me so my luggage will be easier to maneuver. Carrying books is the same as carrying processed logs, and weigh as much.

I’ve not taken into account the bread, cheese and assorted munches I’ll be carting along to sustain me through two nights and a day on the train, and the drive home from KC. Of course, the luggage will get lighter as I go along. Me, not so much.

I’ve had an extremely successful week since Oscar Sunday, visiting the on-line copyright office, establishing ASCAP membership, listening to a bunch of potential songs for the album, learning great things about songwriting from long-time friend and once-and-again collaborator, Robin Frederick, and meeting with new agent and record label folks to plan for what lies ahead. Now all I have to do is come home and make it all happen. Talk’s cheap, yes? And I thought I was busy before.


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Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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5 Responses to Busy Before – HA!

  1. Margaret Underwood says:

    Hi, Marideth, I am so glad you have had such a productive time, but know you will be glad to get home and know Zoni will welcome you with a joyful heart! Please remember that we want you and your musicians here in NC so don’t forget us! I have some good contacts and Sarah is also welcome. Hope you get some rest and change over from cheese and munchies to good vegetables, fruit and protein of some kind…maybe fish or beef. I am sounding like a mother aren’t I?

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Margaret, Zoni has this little thing she does when she’s very happy. She grins, first on one side and then back and forth. And then she comes and leans against me for a long time. I’ll be glad to see her little furry self.
      Tell me everything you can about your NC contacts so I can get the info to the booking agent. We’ll do our very best. Would love to stop by on the way to DC.
      Actually the munches are apples, whole grain bread and peanut butter. And a bunch of those tasty little clementines you can almost eat whole. So I’ll be taking the high road, the consequences of which are, I think, keeping me off the streets. Thanks always for your concerns and support.

  2. I have really enjoyed the notes on your recent journeys. A question, if I may: Who let’s you know of all the arrangements there were for where you were to be and not to be during your (California, in particular) activities related to the movie and your music?

    Is it movie producers person, an industry person, just talking to folks? I think that would make an interesting post. How did you know where you were supposed to be, when, and with what?

    Thanks! 😉

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Excellent idea Dr. Bill. I’ll set my mind to that tonight on the train. I’m all packed and ready for the shuttle pickup. I won’t have wifi on the train, so I’ll try to post this Sunday evening. Thanks.

  3. Sandra says:

    Hi Marideth! I’m really enjoying your posts, too and hoping your trip has been good.
    Just got my DVD, CD and book and the CD is playing now. Wow! Your name is all over the back of the CD. You must be so proud and excited to be a part of this wonderful movie and experience. You’re going to have to get yourself some fancy designer dresses and jewels!

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