Remember the local Oscar Watch party in West Plains

Sunday, February 27 · 5:00pm – 11 pm

Ozark Community Event Center,

1386 Bill Virdon Blvd., West Plains, MO


The action starts at 5 PM on February 27, 2011. This event is a fundraiser, with donations split between the local CASA ( court appointed special advocates), and the WPCA with funds designated to the National Heritage Area feasibility study.

silent auction
popcorn and cold drinks
food and desserts
music, Winter’s Bone players
Oscar Presentation on a big screen TV
cash bar, beer and wine
red carpet
lots of great company!

voluntary door donation: proceeds to
CASA (court appointed special advocates)
WPCA (West Plains Council of the Arts), National Heritage Area feasibility study


About yarnspinnerpress

Story teller, retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist, gardener.
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2 Responses to Remember the local Oscar Watch party in West Plains

  1. Debbie Jolly says:

    Marideth,I know you are having a blast in Calif.and staying very busy.Sarah reminded me about your blog so I can share the following story I shared with her last week. I was having a very bad headache,one of those I call a 2 in 1[sinus & tension].For some reason I thought of you ,singing. because your voice is so sweet & tender & soothing.
    SO out to my jeep I go to get the Winter’s Bone Cd to listen to you sing
    Missouri Waltz.I visualized my head in your lap as if you were singing to me and gently
    rubbing my forehead as I resorted back to a youngster wanting to be soothed.
    Your voice is the best medication .Looking forward to hearing some more tenderly beautiful songs sung by you ! Will be looking for you at the Oscars !On TV, that is, as I will be in my corner of the woods in Stone County,Ar.wishing I was attending the West Plains party! enjoy the night!

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Thanks for the story, although I think your visualizing yourself back to a less stressful time probably helped more than the music, although I acknowledge that music has an awesome power. I definitely have enjoyed the whole show, and am getting to work and learn a great deal in my days here. But I’ll sure be glad to be home. By the way, we’ll be in the studio April 7 to start on a new album. Keep watching the blog for a release date.

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