Winter’s Bone Soundtrack and Oscar querries

There have been a lot of comments and questions about the soundtrack to Winter’s Bone and why it wasn’t nominated.

The Oscars have two categories related to music; one of them is Music, original score and the other is Music, original song. One of the songs to be in the movie was an original song but was replaced by Farther Along and “that was the right decision” states Marideth Sisco.

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2 Responses to Winter’s Bone Soundtrack and Oscar querries

  1. Deb Edwards says:

    So, you did write an original song for the movie, didn’t you? What song was that?
    It is on the CD, right?

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      “Ballad of Jessup Dolly” is mine, and on the soundtrack. But it got bumped in favor of “Farther Along.” I can’t argue with that call, beause I think it was the right one.

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