Four Awards at Torino!

Torino gave us a suitcase full of awards tonight. Well, not really. There were just four. Best picture, best actress, best screenplay and Readers’ choice. High praise, our photo taken a hundred times and they’ll buy us dinner in a little bit. Not too shabby. The bookseller at the main theater carried the soundtrack for us, and sold a fistful. A very good week indeed. Tomorrow we’ll shop in the old part of town amid small streets and Roman ruins, I’ll try to stop stealing cobblestones, and we head for home on Monday. A big Woohoo to all. I’ll post more tomorrow, or I may just wait until I get home and send the stuff I’ve been writing longhand while the computer was down.

And did I say … Woohoo?



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1 Response to Four Awards at Torino!

  1. Margaret Underwood says:

    Woohoo to you too, marideth!! I hope you have caught up on your rest. I have jet lag when I fly to WA and back. I’ll bet Zoni misses you and Priscilla, et al.


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