The Yayhoo Has Landed! part 2

I hesitate to describe my bumbling trip across the great pond, except to say bumbling is it, in a word. Large queues at security everywhere, but Rome wins for longest walks from one terminal to the next. And the rule seemed to be no matter where you are, and no matter that you’ve followed directions carefully, you’re actually supposed to be somewhere else. The final straw was when I was dozing quietly at the gate where I had been explicitly directed to wait both by humans with the correct uniform and by the lighted digital directories at every intersection, when I dimly heard a message in Italian ending in Sees-co. I went to find a correctly uniformed person, who checked her computer and explained to me that the message said the gate had been changed, take-off time was NOW, and where the hell was I?

She trotted down the hall, flagged them down, and I stumbled off to a different gate and got on the plane. Good Grief. Could it get worse. Yes. I was met at the Turin airport by a polite, English-speaking young man who drove me to the hotel, I checked in, was met by festival greeter, got my badge and instructions, and stumbled up to my room. It was noon in Turin, but 4 a.m. my time, and I had slept about an hour on the Rome-Turin leg. I fell into bed and slept until 9 p.m. local. Got up and prepared to go out and fetch a meal. That’s when I missed my passport. Turned out I’d left it at the desk and it was in my little message cubbly hole. Surely it’ll get better. Or different.

I’ll post more after I’ve rested some. First newly learned things: Jet lag is real, as I can attest by the fact my morning meds are now at night, and vice versa.



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3 Responses to The Yayhoo Has Landed! part 2

  1. Margaret Underwood says:

    Sounds exhausting and yes, jet lag is REAL!!! Bless her heart.

  2. Deb Edwards says:

    All is well! If you haven’t lost your phone and it is charged, turn to the music app and
    find Joan Baez, play “The Water Is Wide,” it came up in random on my Nano. First
    song up when i took a walk in the Rose Garden at Loose Park to meditate and send
    pink light to you on your trip. It might make you cry, but, you might need to. Listen
    to it and allow the healing. LTU….Debbie

  3. Karla Bean says:

    Don’t let the snags stress you out. Expect a few bumps in the road you travel and it will start to appear pretty smooth! Keep us posted, though. For some reason, another person’s bumps are pretty funny. 🙂

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