Ozark Gangsters! (via Moonmooring)

This post is really about Marideth’s presentation at the Harlin Museum last night. I didn’t see any gangsters in the audience. The Smithsonian “Journeys” exhibit has been well attended so far with 4 more weeks. Special presentations relating to journeys in and around the Ozarks are scheduled each weekend.

Sarah, at Moonmooring

Ozark Gangsters! I usually check my and Marideth's blog every day to see what the stats tell me. It's nice to know what people are reading the most, how they got to your blog… from where, and what terms they used on search engines. This morning I was looking around the stats and my goodness, someone found MY blog by searching gangsters Ozark hills. And they found ME! I had a smile and a bit of a chuckle over that one. No offense to anyone okay! I have heard som … Read More

via Moonmooring


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1 Response to Ozark Gangsters! (via Moonmooring)

  1. Lisa says:

    Pretty sure that the route via Ozark gangsters comes from someone searching Van Colbert!

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