Get ’em While They’re Hot! These Ozark Hills Ready!

This is me posting, Sarah at Moonmooring, in Marideth’s absence.

I’ve run through all the prefab stuff Marideth left me before the big trip to Michigan. And there’s no phone service there, being on National Forest and all.

Her book has had it’s first trial print and she hand bound a few before leaving. They look great and read even better! You will recognize some of the stories if you listen to her radio show “These Ozark Hills“; book by the same name. Click on the photo of the book on the front page of this blog and it will whisk you away! Right to the storefront! Shipping will start on the 20th… God willing and the creek don’t rise…

I personally am heading to Fayetteville this weekend where I understand Winter’s Bone is still playing. I hope my info is correct. Looking forward to seeing it a third time and taking my son with me.

Sarah at Moonmooring,

the cyber guru, in Marideth’s absence


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6 Responses to Get ’em While They’re Hot! These Ozark Hills Ready!

  1. margaret underwood says:

    Thanks for the update, Sarah. I sure hope it is cooler in the National Forest in Michigan than it is here in Greensboro, N.C. The big outdoors of the National Forest! How wonderful…my cup of tea. People these days are too far removed from their mother earth. Winter’s Bone is still on here in Greensboro and I may see it again just to hear Marideth sing. This was the highlight of the movie for me. I have a BD coming up on August 15th so will treat myself to Marideth’s book. I think I have found a friend…along with zillions of others, I imagine.
    I wish we could get “these Ozark Hills” on public radio here in N.C.
    Take care,

    • margaret underwood says:

      Thanks, Sarah, and I did find find the website!


    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Thanks for your good words. If you have DSL, you can get These Ozarks Hills by going to and scrolling down the left sidebar to the These Ozarks listing. Click on it and you’ll have the whole archive.


  2. RidinWind says:

    The Ozark Mountains is a great place for a ride on the Motorcycle!

    • yarnspinnerpress says:

      Too true, although I can get carsick on U.S. 160 between Theodosia and Forsyth even when I’m driving!


  3. margaret underwood says:

    Hi, Sarah or Marideth, I have a check in an envelope and have now lost Marideth’s mailing address. I placed an order for the book, but can’t do much without paying for it.

    Help, please and Thanks so much.


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